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Having trouble with the IRS?
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In recent years IRS personnel and budget available to find and locate delinquent taxpayers has dramatically increased.

The government is needing ways to raise money and politicians do not like to raise taxes.  Their solution? Find, locate and collect from taxpayers who owe money.

Unfortunately, many well-intentioned, innocent, sincere American citizens are caught up in a tangled web of government bureaucracy and never-ending red tape.

Need a solution?

The Problem:

Unfiled Tax Returns:

Failure to file tax returns may be construed as a criminal act by the IRS. This type of criminal act is punishable by jail time.


The IRS can audit you by mail, in their offices, or in your office or home. The location of your audit is a good indication of the severity of the audit. Correspondence audits are for missing documents in your tax return. The IRS office audit is usually with a Tax Examiner who will request numerous documents and explanations of various deductions. The IRS audit schedule for your home or office should be taken more seriously due to the fact that the IRS Auditor is a Revenue Agent.

Payroll Taxes:

The IRS is aggressive in their collection attempts for past due payroll taxes. Having professional help in these tax matters can save you thousands of dollars.

Penalties and Interest

The IRS penalizes millions of taxpayers each year for assessed taxes. Penalties can substantially increase the amount you owe the IRS before you are even aware of any tax assessment. The IRS also charges interest on unpaid taxes and penalties.

In recent years IRS personnel and budget available to find and locate delinquent taxpayers has dramatically increased.

The IRS’ Solution:


Tax Liens:

Tax Liens are public records that notify the world that you owe taxes.

Tax Levies:
Levies are issued against bank accounts. Levies are limited to the cash in the account the day the levy is received. The bank is required to remit the cash in your account to the IRS.

Asset Seizures:

The IRS has the power to take possession of assets, sell them and use the proceeds to pay taxes owed.

Wage Garnishments:

Garnishments are a tool used to collect taxes owed by having your employer pay the IRS directly from your pay. Once a garnishment is filed, your employer is required by law to collect a percentage of your paycheck and remit it, on your behalf, to the IRS.



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